epe foam pipe/stick out the production line

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Fully Automatic
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Shandong, China (Mainland)
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220/38/4150V,50/60HZ ,3Phase
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All kinds of pipes, rods,etc.
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Auto-feeding,extruder,head mould,butane gas,GMS,etc.
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Water cooling
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Raw material: LDPE, GMS, TAC, Talc, Butane or Natural Gas
Certification:CE, ISO9001
Email: lewis AT ytfuchang.com
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Whatsapp: +86 15863824208
Wechat: lewis15863824208
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1.Experience:We have more than 20 years experience in Packing Machinery and took the lead in passing ISO9001:2000 among the same industries.

2.Good After Sales Service:We have advanced facilities to guarantee our products' quality and any small problem happening of our products will be solved at the most prompt time. 

Product Description

EPE Foam Pipe /Stick Extrudsion Line Introduction:

EPE foam pipe is a kind of new-type foam material and it is widely used in the jacket of air conditioner ,pipeline ,heat insulation ,toy guardrail , recreation places etc. Due to its high foaming ratio, good elasticity and insulation . As a kind of new type foam filling and stem and ornament material . 

EPE foam stick is widely used in spring mattress, sofa stem and edge , automobile seat, sofa back rest and top-grade clothing. It is also widely used in the filling of contracting joint in building due to its good rebound elasticity.

PE Foam Rod Machine produces qualified expanded cellular PE Foam Rod by butane gas foaming method with several materials like GMS (surface active agent), Tal powder, etc and providing controlling system of each parts by automatic systems. 


Our EPE Foam Pipe/Stick Extrusion Line is suitable for P 51050,2426k,H2420 high-pressure low density polyethylene (LDPE) mixed with additives(talc, brightener, distill monostearte foaming gas under the conditions of temperature, pressure, and after the collision barrel screw rotation, grinding squeeze, stir complete physical foaming process. Expansion ratio up to 20-30 times. PE as raw material for the production of high-foam plastic products. Such as: plastic foaming, tubes, rods, cloth and other products. Not suitable for the production of plastic film, plastic boxes, barrels and other hard non-foamed plastic products.




Our EPE Foam Pipe/Stick Extrusion Line including main machine cutting machine, butane pump,electric cabinets, wax pump components, with multiple combinations of high temperature, high pressure and other features.


Principle of  EPE Foam Pipe /Stick Extrudsion Line:
The L/D of EPE Foam Pipe /Stick Extruder ‘s screw is 55 : 1.The raw material is high pressure and low density polyethylene . Through extruding system basis on formulation the raw material and the auxiliary material are transported into hopper by auto feeding system. The GMS will be injected into barrel by the pump as anti-contractor agent . Butane pump inject the liquid butane into the screw barrel and foam .The temperature is dropped by the barrel then the products will be extruded from the machine head.

PE Foam tube making machine not only can make pe foam pipe/rod,but also can make some other shape like furniture edage packing material,U shape etc.
The final products of this PE Foam tube making machine have wide use on different area.


Operating of EPE Foam Pipe/Stick Extrusion Line:


1.First heating, hopper temperature and 1-10 zone temperature reach to the set temperature , main machine can be opened, material will be extruded from machine head.


2.Open the main machine, butane gas pump and machine head, let the main machine speed higher when the machine head extruding large materials, at the same time, let the butane pump speed higher.
3.Start cooling, until the butane gas pump and machine head up to a constant speed, the temperature drops to the set temperature.
4.Open haul-off unit and cutting unit, start to adjust the mesh size. By adjusting the speed of machine head, higher speed, smaller mesh.
5.When the mesh size right, start to adjust the net length. By adjusting the speed of cutting unit, higher speed, shorter length.
6.When the mesh and length right, start to make throat. Open the throat switch(single head throat and double heads throat). Press the front two buttons on the cutting unit at the same time, change the single and double throat.
7.Choose the right throat way, then adjust the throat length, the default data is 1/2, if make the throat length shorter, push the throat length adjusting button, press the button continuously to reduce the length(can’t add length), each time press the button, you must wait to check the finished net, until the net produced as your request. If adjust wrong, pleas press the throat reset button in time, the throat length will back to 1/2, then press the throat length adjusting button to adjust again.
8.At last adjust the cutting unit, press the first or second button, each time push once, press the button continuously to adjust.
9.If throat adjust wrong, pleas press the system reset button in time, net will back to the non-throat state, then operate throat again.




Every 1,000kg product needs the following quantity of materials:
2.Talcum powder:5kg (=0.5%) or its master batch: 10kg (=1%) 
3.Additives ( anti-static agent) Glycerol monosterator: 10-15kg (=1-1.5%)
4.Butane Gas:100-150kg 


5.Nitrogen Gas:25-30kg 
6.Paper core 
7.Power consumption
Above volumes of raw materials used can vary by the character of product intended
A.The talcum powder is the lubricant of foaming to open every stoma. The foaming stoma size depends on talcum powder quality. Too much talcum powder will lead to less extension and more corrugation in the sheets. Too less will lead to big bubbles and rough surface
B.Glycerol monstearate is a very steady internal antistatic agent and also an anti-shrinkage agent.
C.Resin has many types. Please choose the proper ones. Different resin has different characteristics, especially the melt index (MI) has a great influence to the pressure inside the cylinder and may change the temperature control inside the cylinder. If the resin’s melt index is too low, it may lead to hi pressure. If too high, it may lead to low pressure and this is bad to producing thinner products.
D.Butane is sent into the extruder’s cylinder by the hi pressure volumetric pump. It is mixed with melted LDPE in the cylinder to produce air bubbles, so butane’s quality has a very direct effect to the frothing results. Too much butane may lead to rough surface, corrugation and unstable quality of PE sheets. Too little butane will lead to pressure rise inside the cylinder and difficult for the sheets to obtain an ideal thickness. Therefore during operation, you should mind the product’s thickness and control butane’s using quantity.




Operators should mind the following items during   EPE Foam Pipe/Stick Extrusion Line:
1.Main motor’s RPM.
2.Gas pump, pressure gages and the time to replace the gas tank.
3.Heater’s temperature changes.
4.Cooling system’s cooling situation.
5.Machine cylinder’s pressure changes. 
6.Equality of forthing.
7.PE sheet’s thickness and width and please mind the shrinking situation after some time.


Check and Check Items of   EPE Foam Pipe/Stick Extrusion Line:

(1)Motor:Over heating or horse power down? Belt situation, tight properly? Bolts tight?

(2)Gear Box: Any un-normal noise? Oil level reasonable?
(3)Screw and cylinder: Any noise during rotating, screen brake, resin leakage?
(4)Die Set:Resin leakage, die condition (scratch on the lip)
(5)Heater:Band heater, casting heater?
(6)Sensor: pressure sensor, temperature.


Environmental Operating Conditions of EPE Foam Pipe/Stick Extrusion Line:

Conditions must have a three-phase power supply, transformer capacity of 30kw, has good fire performance and ventilated factories. Ground level concrete floor need to build, install exhaust fans in the ground close to the butane gas pump, forced mechanical ventilation. Keep the air fresh and avoid concentration overrun, to ensure safe operation. Various cylinders should stay away from the machine, it is best stored separately isolation, not in the open air production use. The unit is adapted to20-40 degree . Cylinders house with good drainage


Pay attantion when operating machine:

1.Let the machine stop working when power lower than 350V or higher than 420V. When the machine working,keep enough raw material and the ventilating fan working. Ensure fire-fighting equipment in the working shop.
2.Checking frequently whether the indicate on the instrument panel is right or not. The output pressure for the butane pump is better in 15-20MPa.
3.Keep the raw material clean,dry and without contaminant.If the wet, plz dry the raw material firstly,keep it clean and then use it again. 

Main Technical Parameters of EPE Foam Pipe/Stick Extrusion Line








Screw Speed:



Foaming Ratio:




Outer Diameter:




Inner Diameter:




Cooling Method:






Installed Power:








Total weight:




Our Services

We will service for you and  solve all the problem for you by 7*24hours:

1.We will arrange our professinal engineer go to your country to install and test the machine and train your engineers. 
2.Our salesman will be 7*24 hours online for you to solve any problems from your side.

3.We have been in this line for business for more than 20years.So we have abuundant experience of producing machine.
4.Our machine is hight quality.We are your trustable manufacturer of machine

5.Contact with us.We can provide you non-stop service with the pre-sale,sale and after sale service. Save your purchasing cost and maintenance costs

Packaging & Shipping

Outside Package:
Export standard packing.
Inner Package:
EPE stretch film with Wooden pacakge for long time ocean shipping.


Q1:How many countries have your machine been installed?

A2:Our machines have exported to many countries Such as:Korea,Japan,Kazakhstan,Uzbekistan,Malaysia,Russia,Poland,France,Turkey,Thailand,Vietnam,Brazil,Columbia,Argentina,Costa Rica,Algeria,Nigeria,Malawi,Bolivia,Sudan,Jordan,Egypt,South Africa,etc.

Q2:How about the Visiting
A2: We are located in Longkou City,Shandong Province,China.
The nearest airport is Yantai Airport.You can transfer from Guangzhou ,Beijing or Shanghai airport to Yantai Airport.
We will pick you at the Yantai airport when you come to visit us.

Q3:Will you Test machine before placing order?
A3:We will make the machine running during your visiting to check the working condition.
And There are some client who bought our machine in our city,We will take you to their factory to check all working flow.


Q4:Will you conduct training for our staff here?
A4:Yes,We will arrange our professional engineers to install and test machine and train the buyer’s engineers.


Q5:What are your terms of payment?
A5:We accept T/T, L/C.Western Union and Cash.


Q6:What’s your contact way?
A6: Email: lewis At goodeggtraymachine.com              Skype: lewis15863824208
  Whatspp: +86 15863824208                                        Wechat: lewis15863824208
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