small waste paper mouding machine

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Egg Tray Machine
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Pulp Molding Machine
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Shandong, China (Mainland)
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Pulp Moulding Machine
Waste paper recycling Machine
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Waste Paper
750pcs per hour
2-3 workers
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Raw material:Waste paper
Certification:CE, ISO9001
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1.Experience:We have more than 20 years experience in Packing Machinery and took the lead in passing ISO9001:2000 among the same industries.

2.Good After Sales Service:We have advanced facilities to guarantee our products' quality and any small problem happening of our products will be solved at the most prompt time. 

Product Description


Small Waste Paper Mouding Machine Introduction: 

Small Waste Paper Moulding Machine is the machine which can use all kinds of waste paper as the raw material to produce egg tray, egg box, pizza box, industrial tray and other packing products etc. by changing different moulds. It has received good reputation for its good quality, high output, low energy-consuming and low maintenance.

The raw material use general waste paper, like old book, newspaper.carton books ,etc 

Our machine has exported  to many different country and enjoy great reputation ,we have exported to Venezuela ,Mexico ,Vietnam, Philippines ,Thailand, Zimbabwe,Nigeria. South africa .Uzbekistan ,Turkey and so on. 

The raw material of Small Waste Paper Moulding Machine is mainly book ,newspaper, Cultural paper, paper carton, corner of waste paper from carton printing and paper mills, factory .Production methods and the production process of ecological resources and ecological environment without bad effects, completely environmental protection.

The product produced by this Small Waste Paper Moulding Machine are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, fruit, alcohol and other industrial products packaging.

Small Waste Paper Moulding Machine adopts advanced structure, reliable performance, high automation, simple operation, high output, easy maintenance. 

Our Small Waste Paper Moulding Machine has the features of small size .low failure rate , easy to repair ,high efficiency of production , high rate of finished products ,high level of automation.


Principle of Small Waste Paper Moulding Machine:
After take sanitary measures of the waste paper, put the waste paper into hydrapulper with water. After progress of batting pulp , grind pulp, size mixing, then send the pulp into molding machine by pump. The foaming mould continuously uniform rotation, the mould absorb the pulp by vacuum, the pulp which adsorb to the mould uniformly dehydrate by Filter and Dehydration hole, Guarantee product and the mould compatibility. when the foaming moulds matched with transfer moulds ,the automatic control system send compression air to control the forming molds, at the same time, transfer mold form a vacuum, the product is send to the transfer mould , then the transfer mold put the product on to the conveyer belt of drying line. The Egg Tray Machine line also equipped with automatic packing ,automatic stacking and counting system so the products can packing well.


The whole Small Waste Paper Moulding Machine include Pulp Making System + Egg Tray Molding System.
(1):Pulping system Egg Tray Machine:
Paper pulp making is the first step of the pulp mold products .The major equipment are :Hydraulic pulper ,pulp pump ,water pup ,stirrer ,screen machine(vibration sieve) ,refiner machine and control cabinet. Hydraulic pulper and refiner machine are two major equipments in this system.

Operation of hydraulic pulper:
1.Check whether the piping and valves has been closed before operate the machine .after select materials. You should put 30%paper into pulp barrels at first ,then put the water in to barrels for 20 minutes .then operate the machine .the remaining 70% paper added to the barrels gradually in the process of pulp making to save the electric and reduce the cost
2.The water of vortex-like back flow quickly after operate the machine .then inject the material gradually adjust the quantity of the water and the material at any time to reach the proper concentration .when deal with the high concentration pulp should carried out at lower concentration pulp firstly. then adjust the pulp reach the proper concentration .During the feeding process .should prevent add over more or over capacity. Please open the pulp valve when the pulp reach the proper concentration in the pulp pool.
3.The equipment power in order to run normally ,should not over install to run ,the pulp capacity of all kinds equipments should not exceed the maximum install pulp capacity.
4.Inspect the machine frequently, specially pay attention to the rotating Parts has loosen or not ,the valve and flange has water leaking ,pulp leaking or not. bearing has over heat or not.
5.As for the waste paper that contain large sundries and metal impurity, should be cleared in advance in order to avoid damage to equipment.
6.When the material changed or there is pulp or dirt accumulation after certain period ,we should wash the pulp slot by clean water.

(2): Forming system of Egg Tray Machine:
This part mainly is the egg tray forming machine. We could produce the forming mould and transfering mould based on our customers request. The material of the mould could be Alumminum, Resin, Plastic.

Generally speaking the pressure indication of the vacuum should between 0.03-0.04,The gas tank should between 0.6-0.8 .when both of them satisfy the requirement at the same time .the product will have high effect and stable quality.

 Pay attention to those points when Operate Small Waste Paper Moulding Machine:

1.There are button mouth on parts of this machine which located outside of the foaming chassis.. add the button once per 8 hours (press at least 4 times by the button gun every time)
2.The copper sets that at two ends of the axis on the transfer mould .add oil 1-2 times per 4 hours ( Press at least 2 times by button gun every time)
3.Turn the pulp pump at first before operate the machine .fill the pulp into pulp pool under the foaming machine so as to ,make the pulp cycle with the pool.
4.Turn on the air compressor,reach to the standard work pressure,then run vacuum pump to make it works normally.Operate the motor of the forming machine.
5.When the finished products can’t drop off from the mould .please turn off slightly the vacuum valve up side the transfer mould so as to reduce the vacuum level of the transfer mould .then the product will easy to drop off.
Conversely, when the products find not to be absorbed by the moulds ,Please turn on the valve slightly, if it doesn’t work for a long time adjusting Please stop the machine use a thin wire clean up the transfer die breathable one by one.
6.In the normal production process ,if there is broken edge around the finished products ,please adjust the position of the transfer mould relatively.. to let the transfer mould and the pulp absorb mould are coincide with each other . May be the product bore a hole after a long time production .when there is broken edge of the product ,please stop the machine to clean the surface and around of the mould by high pressure water gun. .In the actual production ,can clean it at the same time.


Operating Flow of Small Waste Paper Moulding Machine:

1.Preparation: Put the waste paper and water into hydraupulper, when it forming pulp, put the pulp into first pulp pool, then the pulp through refiner to the second pulp pool. Pulp Concentration: water/waste paper 1000kg / 10kg
2.Open the air compressor, connect the reciprocating machine’s power supply, then open the touch screen and into the operation interface. In manual mode, press transferring molds enter, transferring molds will be innermost of the reciprocating machine, press the forming molds rise, forming molds and transferring molds overlap.
3.Open pulp pump, when the pulp up to the overflow pulp slot position, then open the vacuum pump, open the water valve of the vacuum pump.
4.When the product good and stable, make the manual-automatic switch of touch screen slide to automatic operation, the machine to run automatically.
5.If need stop machine or the machine goes wrong, please immediately close the Emergency Stop Switch or make the manual-automatic switch slide to manual operation.

Consumption calculated on 1000kg finished products:
1.Waste paper: 950kg
2.Whitening agent:<10 kg(<1%)
The effect of whitening agent is bleach the pigment in the paper raw materials.
3.Color masterbatch: <10 kg(<1%)
color masterbatch: Choose color masterbatch according to need.
4.Alums: 5 kg~40 kg(0.05%~4%)
Alum: increase paper burnish.
5.Waterproofing agent: 5 kg~10 kg(0.5%~1%)
Water-proofing agent: according to the product needs to be added.


Factory Infrastructure of Small Waste Paper Moulding Mahcine:

1.Power supply: designed according to customers’ local power supply
2.Pump:0.2-2Hp Flow index: 0.2-0.4 m ³ / min
3.Considering the output is comparatively large ,it should have enough warehouse for filling the raw material and the finished products


Safe common sense of Small Waste Paper Moulding Machine:
1.Workshop lines should be enough to requirements of support using all the electric power.
2.Work accordance with the equipment specifications and relevant standard operating production in strict, don’t break the rules to operate.
3.Production workshop must be equipped with 1211 and Carbon dioxide extinguishers not less than 15 sets, request every operation work of production line can use fire extinguishers.

Main Technical Parameters of Small Waste Paper Moulding Machine

Product Name:

Small Waste Paper Moulding Machine









Molding Mould/pcs:




Transfer Mould/pcs:




Main Technical Parameters of Pulp Moulding Machine

Product name:

       Roller  type   Pulp Moulding Machine(Automatic and high output)






2800-3200 pcs/h

3800-4200 pcs/h

5000-6500 pcs/h

Molding Mould/pcs: 




Transfer Mould/pcs:




Our Services

 We will service for you and  solve all the problem for you by 7*24hours:

1.We will arrange our professinal engineer go to your country to install and test the machine and train your engineers. 
2.Our salesman will be 7*24 hours online for you to solve any problems from your side.

3.We have been in this line for business for more than 20years.So we have abuundant experience of producing machine.
4.Our machine is hight quality.We are your trustable manufacturer of machine

5.Contact with us.We can provide you non-stop service with the pre-sale,sale and after sale service. Save your purchasing cost and maintenance costs

Packaging & Shipping

Outside Package:
Export standard packing.
Inner Package:
EPE stretch film with Wooden pacakge for long time ocean shipping.


 Q1:How many countries have your machine been installed ?

A2:Our machines have exported to many countries Such as:Korea,Japan,Kazakhstan,Uzbekistan,Malaysia,Russia,Poland,France,Turkey,Thailand,Vietnam,Brazil,Columbia,Argentina,Costa Rica,Algeria,Nigeria,Malawi,Bolivia,Sudan,Jordan,Egypt,South Africa,etc.


Q2:How about the Visiting

A2: We are located in Longkou City,Shandong Province,China.

The nearest airport is Yantai Airport.You can transfer from Guangzhou ,Beijing or Shanghai airport to Yantai Airport.

We will pick you at the Yantai airport when you come to visit us.

Q3:Will you Test machine before placing order?
A3:We will make the machine running during your visiting to check the working condition.
And There are some client who bought our machine in our city,We will take you to their factory to check all working flow.

Q4:Will you conduct training for our staff here?
A4:Yes,We will arrange our professional engineers to install and test machine and train the buyer’s engineers.

Q5:What are your terms of payment?
A5:We accept T/T, L/C.Western Union and Cash.

Q6:What’s your contact way?
A6: Email:  lewis At          Skype:  lewis15863824208
  Whatspp:  +86 15863824208                              Wechat:  lewis15863824208
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